My name is Hara and I have studied Managing Information Technology at Redlands University, California. I worked for many years as an IT Manager in San Diego California. One day, I came to Greece for vacation,  I was offered a job and decided to stay.

I started designing websites around 2000 while I was still living in the USA, as a hobby, making websites for friends. 15 years later I'm working as a full time web designer - programmer and I run my own eshops.

Furthermore, I am working as an independent consultant for several small and medium sized companies organising their company infrastructure, enhance existing systems, planing, managing and coordinating various projects.

Additionally,  i'm also a technical advisor for a law firm, assisting in client litigations pertaining to technology-related cases (internet, software etc). I have also created user manuals for the products of a software company.

As of 2016 I am a guest speaker at seminars regarding web technologies