S.E.O. stands for "Search Engine Optimization" which is the process of getting your website "free" (as in non paying for search engine advertisement) in high search results on search engines.

There is not one process of doing search engine optimization, but many things combined. Some are a good, clean HTML code, correct page titles and metatags, good quality content, good website architecture etc. Google rates websites based on over 200 ranking criteria and keeps tweaking its algorithm all the time!

The whole SEO process needs a lot of time in order to prepare and optimize each page of the website. We constantly check its ranking and make changes and adjustments accordingly so when the search engine crawls back to the website it will change its ranking. That process may take 3-6 months depending on the keywords and competition.

All websites created by me are SEO ready, search engine friendly, have keywords and metatags relevant to the company's products and/or services in order to rank high* in search engines in general.

If you want to get a better ranking in specific keywords then we can discuss how this can be done the right way.

Why does your website need SEO?

  • You may have a website that you paid a lot of money to be created, but does not bring you any customers.
  • People can find your business if your website is on the first two pages of the search engine results
  • It costs less than advertising on search engines. 75% of search traffic to your website comes from SEO
  • Your competitors are using it to rank high, why not you?


*They will rank high but not in every word you want or as fast as you want. There's a different process if you want to rank high in specific keywords or stay in the top search results that costs extra. Please contact me for more information